Hunt Companies Acquisition Corp. I (NYSE: HTAQ.U) is a special purpose acquisition company focused on renewable energy, infrastructure or real asset services and technology industries, although we may pursue an acquisition opportunity in any business industry or sector.

Examples of verticals that we intend to focus on include:

Renewable Energy — Companies that deliver climate solutions and/or operate at the forefront of the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Infrastructure — Companies that are leveraged to increased public and private sector spending on infrastructure assets (including public infrastructure, private infrastructure and affordable housing).

Real Asset Services and Technology — Companies that utilize differentiated services or technology to innovate and enhance the profitability or performance of real assets.


Directors & Officers

Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt
Chief Executive Officer and Director

Woody Hunt

Woody L. Hunt
Senior Advisor

Ryan McRory

Ryan McRory
Head of Corporate M&A

Clay Parker

Clay Parker
Chief Financial Officer

Independent Directors

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